Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday Preschool - Bubbles

Wednesday preschool loved playing with the bubbles first thing.  Just look at those happy faces!

 When the bubbles got boring there were puzzles to be made.

 During story time (all about bubbles) kids got their own square of bubble wrap to pop with their fingers.  Check out the Preschool Bubbles Pack for oodles of fun for a bubble themed day.

 During our small group time one group worked on a beginning sounds cut and paste with the letter b from the Moffatt Girls.
 The group at the green table with me worked on Making Words again.  We'll keep playing this game all year long since it is so fun and great for literacy development!

 We also worked on some of the mini books from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 Snack time included a straw and a small cup of milk. :)

 We went outside for art time today.  I mixed food coloring into six small containers of bubbles and kids made bubble wands in a 'b' shape out of pipe cleaners.  They blew the bubbles onto their papers and they left different colored bubble marks.

 When they were done with art they got their own bottle of bubbles to play with in the yard.

 The art turned out awesome, though I need to remember that this project gets the paper REALLY wet so leaving the page in the bound book was not so smart :(
 In math we learned all about weight.  Specifically the terms 'heavy' and 'light'.
 The ball was light, the weights were heavy!
 We also played with the balance board.
 OB tried to lift up my wall.  It turns out it's too heavy :)
 Preschool B was really on a roll today!  We sorted -it and -ot family words.
 We added to our sight word wall (we're up to 15 sight words).
 We glued Cheerios onto our sight words (or in Eman's case, he just ate Cheerios).
 We read, traced, and and made sentences.

 And we mixed up letter tiles and put them back in order to match the pictures.
 We've moved onto graphing in math.  I'm always amazed at how quickly preschool B picks up new concepts that I throw at them.  We made a number of graphs and learned how to read them.

 We decided that for art today we would do watercolor painting. 
 Our writing activity for the day was a Halloween mini book that we traced the letters on.  The mini book is found in the Halloween Preschool Pack.

What an awesome week of learning!  I look forward to seeing everyone next week!

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