Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preschool B - Wednesday 10/3

Since it is fire safety week Preschool B also got the book "Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill".  We read it together and then highlighted words that we knew.
 As everyone knows, it is very important to wear your seat belt while you are reading.

 As the preschoolers were marking their books EMan wanted to participate.  I pulled out the cheaper Scotch tape and let him finish off the roll.
 He thought it was awesome :)
 We also explored a few Fire Safety things like the puzzle blocks.
 I think it is really important to get real literature into kids hands as much as possible.  Though the little leveled readers and sight word books are great (I use them) it is certainly more logical to encourage your child's reading through text that is engaging and interesting to them.
 CJ and RS enjoying instructing each other to Stop or Go :)

 This was really cute.  CJ asked EMan if he could read him this story (EMan was looking at the book first).  He agreed and handed over the book.  When CJ started reading EMan laid back to relax and listen to the story.  So cute :)

 Our writing has been so much fun, however I don't know how I feel about the picture CJ drew of me today :)  RS started drawing a pony and then it turned into a camel and then it turned into people riding on a sled.  I love how their art evolves as they work on it, I am so confined in my adult drawing - oh, to be free like the children.
 Playing the piano is one of our favorite things to do.  Either they are getting better at intentionally playing different keys or I'm getting used to it.  I do feel like there is less banging and random noise and more playing "songs" and today RS even started making up words and singing along to the music she was playing.  I love it!
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