Thursday, October 4, 2012

Safety - Tot School Thursday

We had a lot of fun in tot school today.  We were inside due to the cold.  Once parents left we headed downstairs and it was very interesting to watch them each get right to work on something.  They were drawn to different activities, but instead of me initiating anything they just got busy. It was awesome.
 We talked about car seats and how they help us stay safe.  It was a highlight to do the buckles all day.
 There were some trucks out with the fire truck and police cars.
 I also have a seat belt belt that was interesting to explore, though much harder to put together than the car seat because it wasn't attached to anything so managing it without tension is tricky.
 The Safety Tot Pack was a hit and now that they're used to seeing and playing with them they all want to dive in!  Be sure to download the Safety Tot Pack today - it's FREE!

 There is a size sorting activity with fireman hats in the pack and the kids were being so funny about pretending to wear them :)
 I've noticed that when I pull out a book CJ immediately comes over to listen, even in tot school.  From this picture I also am noticing that both boys are now putting their fingers in their mouths - perhaps because CJ gets so much attention about stopping it that EMan wants the attention too, oiy.
 Lil'GalP is searching for clues!

 We played with puzzles and puzzle blocks. 

 Snack today was mashed potatoes.  Everyone did really well using a spoon.

 We enjoyed playing with the do-a-dot markers for art time.

 The fireman puppet made a little visit after we did art.  The kids took a liking to him :) The other puppets didn't come out to play today, but I'm sure they will in the near future.
 We were able to go outside for the last 15 minutes of the day.  The fresh (though still cold) air was enjoyable and we were able to run and toss around the football for a bit.

 We're headed to fire station tomorrow with some of our preschool friends and we are so excited for it!
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