Friday, October 19, 2012

Doctors - Tot School Tuesday

This week we learned all about the letter H.  H is a horse who has to go to the hospital.  He runs to the hospital so fast that he says /h//h//h/.  Because he goes to the hospital we studied doctors.  There are many fun tools that doctors use that we played with. 
 There were tweezers,

 and a scale.
 We made Doctor Charts for each kids marking their name, date, height, weight and temperature.

 We also played with band-aids galore!
 The doctors tot pack was a big hit.
 VB and EMan have played with weight in preschool and it was so cute when they both got on the balance board holding hands all by themselves!

 We used eye droppers, food coloring, a very small amount of water, and coffee filters to make some very cool looking art.
 The alphabet pack was also a big hit today.  My toddlers just LOVE to color all over packs with a wet erase marker.  I love that they are more eco friendly because I just wipe them off and they can play again - much less paper wasted!  A mom of a tot suggested that I let everyone know that there are dry erase crayons available that work well on the packs.  She said they wipe off great and are much less of a mess.  Maybe they are something to check out!
 We worked on some fine motor skills by putting rice crispies in a small cup.  Some kids REALLY like this activity while other kids just want to eat the little snack - either way they all have fun!

 We read some great books about doctors as a group and then these two shared the chair to read together.  They were quite the team all day long!

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