Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tot School Tuesday

Tot school this week is all about Safety.  Be sure to download the Safety Tot Pack - it's FREE!  We even had some special visitors join us for class.  We had the chief of police, fireman and a dragon come!  There were about six kid puppets that also made an appearance.
 They LOVED the puppets and were immediately drawn to them.  I wasn't really certain how well they would be received since occasionally puppets are a bit scary for younger kids.  It was so much fun to make the puppets talk and encourage all the toddlers to also play a puppet.
 Lil'GalS enjoyed playing with the chalk all morning.  She has become incredibly independent and comfortable exploring on her own, she certainly has grown an incredible amount since our first day together at the beginning of summer.
 These awesome Melissa and Doug blocks are a puzzle and when the picture on the top matches the base makes the sound of the vehicle.  I was impressed at how quickly the idea caught on and how long they held a few toddlers completely engaged in solving the puzzles.
 We also played with chunky puzzles and toy cars/trucks/firetrucks.

 Story time about safety:
 For snack we ate peppers and peaches - yum!

 The tot pack has become quite the item in tot school.  As soon as I pull it out a mini crowd gathers and everyone wants to play with it.  I occasionally find myself playing the role of referee. :)

 Do-A-Dot Markers are a relatively clean way to explore with a water based paint and the kids love taking off and putting on the lids.

 What happy kids!  We had such a fun week and I look forward to next week where we get to talk about bubbles!
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