Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Day 2012 - Preschool

Welcome Halloween!  What a crazy busy week filled with parties and costumes galore!  Kids were welcome to come to preschool in their costumes for Halloween day.

 Everyone got a glow bracelet to play with in our spooky "Haunted Houses" (aka: pop-up tents and tunnels).
 It was so much fun!

 How many kids can fit in a pop-up tent?  At least 5!

 Spooky Snack time.

 We had a spider pinata with a few mint candies for each kid.

 Hit that spider!
 The dance party with the parents was great exercise for everyone!
 Painting handprints and footprints is very tickly!
 Preschool B did a little bit of pattern review on the SMART board.
 And then we played with pattern blocks to introduce our new math unit about 2D shapes.

 We built some really cool things.

 Together these two made a car and then decided that the tires looked like eyes of the big green monster and made that instead!
 We made shape pictures on our haunted houses.
 Snack time was spooky with the dry ice and spooky treats that the moms all brought, thanks moms!

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