Monday, October 1, 2012

Spiders and Miss Muffet

Wow!  What a morning!  For those of you who picked up your children from preschool this morning you witnessed the awesome chaos that follows a great morning of learning.  You were to take home 6 items with your child today, I hope you got them all!  We started our morning tracing our names and working on 12 piece puzzles.  Then we read some books about spiders and sang "The Eensy Weensy Spider."
 We learned about Miss Muffet and acted took turns acting it out.
 They thought it was so funny to scream and run away :)
 Today we learned the sight word, "the".  I teach kids to tap their top teeth and gently stick their tongue out just a little bit between their teeth.  We make the voiced 'th' sound and then open our mouths to say /u/.  We learned that it is a sight word that doesn't follow the rules and can't be sounded out with the single consonant sounds we've been learning.  Please play with the "THE" clip cards every day until your child really recognizes the word.  Match the letters to the card and clip them in the right spot.  Practice saying the word.  We also colored "the" watches today, encourage your child to find the word "the" in all sorts of text.

 These are the "the" clip cards.  Play with them every day!
 We also learned to play a game called "Smack that Spider!"  A copy went home with you for homework.  If you don't have a fly swatter a hand works just as well.  This game should be played often to reinforce the letters we've been learning and sounding them out in word form.  If your child is still working on the individual letters just play with spiders that have individual letters.  If they are ready to start blending those letters into words include a few of the spiders with words in your game.  Most of all, have fun!  For a digital copy of "Smack that Spider!" and our lesson plans from today, check out the Spiders and Miss Muffet Preschool Pack.

 We learned letter S today as well.  We glued, painted, and salted our letters :)  Have your child trace their finger over the letter S once the glue is dry.

 For snack time we had Malt-O-Meal, just like little Miss Muffet ate her curds and whey.  I game each of them just a 1/4 of a cup expecting most of them to turn it away, but was completely astounded when many of them asked for more!  Win!
 We made S headbands.
 And we made spiders.  We talked all about how they have 8 legs and some have up to 8 eyes.  It was a great fine motor skill to fold the legs to make them bend.

 We also took a large bolt of yarn to make a spider web.  We laced it in and out of the chairs and had to work together to keep fixing it and manipulating it when someone got caught in the web.

 We had a fantastic morning!  There is a lot for you to do at home for homework this week, it isn't required, but families that spend the time playing the games and reviewing at home have a great impact on their child's success.  What an awesome day!
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