Monday, October 8, 2012

October Tot Packs

October has already been so much fun for us at Little Adventures Preschool.  The tot packs for the month are now bundled and there is still a lot of fun to be had.  I still need to get some pictures taken care of, but they'll be coming soon!  Check out the details for the packs below:
October Tot Packs {Download all 4 October Tot Packs}
7. Safety {Download}
This pack is just full of great ideas for learning about Safety! Each pack includes links to all the books and supplies you'll need to have a fantastic time with your toddler learning about firefighters, policemen and staying safe!

Pictures and details of the completed pack coming soon!

8. Bubbles {Download}
Printables in this pack:
Introduction of letter B
Parts of a Face
Bubbles Songs
2 piece Puzzles
Primary Color Bubbles

9. Doctors {Download}
Printables in this pack:
Introduction of letter H
Naming Body Parts
Doctor Shadow Matching
Doctor Themed Songs
Location Word Book

10. Pumpkins - SUPER PACK {Download} (NOT included in the October download of 4 packs)
This pack is a SUPER pack, meaning it is so chalk full of ideas that you will not need to look anywhere else for ideas about pumpkins. There are many more activities in this pack than you will be able to complete in a week, so pick the ones you like the most and get playing!

Printables in this pack:

Introduction of letter C
Pop-Up Pumpkins
Pumpkin Clothespin Party
Matching Jack-O-Lanterns
Identifying parts of the pumpkins face
Size Sequencing Pumpkins
Pumpkin Investigations
Jack-o-lantern Shape Matching
Lacing Pumpkins
Pumpkin Play-Dough
Pumpkin Songs and Poems
This tot pack has 3 pages of activity ideas, book suggestions, and links to the materials I use. You can certainly use all or part of the lesson plans.

The printable pages include songs, matching games, drawing games and other activities.

11. Halloween {Download}
Printables in this pack:
Costume Heads and Tails

How is the Jack-O-Lantern Feeling? A mini book.
Pumpkin Seed Counting Mat
Halloween Letter Review M, T, A, S, B, H, C
Halloween Color Matching
Halloween Shadow Matching
Halloween Tracing

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