Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer Safari Tot School

Thanks for joining us on our Summer Safari!  We encountered songs about Lions, and Gorillas, and Bears, OH MY!  We laughed and explored all morning!  Some of our favorites included eating broccoli and graham crackers (YES! Broccoli!).  We spent a lot of time practicing climbing on the climbing structure.  It'll take more practice before they can do it on their own, but they are getting stronger each day!
 We played with play dough A LOT today.  We kept it out the whole time.  I usually put it away when it is left for something else, that didn't happen today.  We played with the little splash pool and a little bit with the sandbox and playhouse/toy kitchens.  It was such a chill class today. Everyone was happy exploring in our little part of the world.
Be sure to check out the Facebook posts of two of the songs we sang today.  Sing them at home, the kids love them! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Nursery Rhymes in Tot School

We had such a fantastic first day of tot school's summer session!  We sang nursery rhymes all day (I may dream in nursery rhymes because we sang them over and over). 
 We had a lot of fun learning the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme.  Here's how I do it with toddlers:
We played play dough and blocks.  We learned to sort the dog pictures from biggest to smallest and we played a lot with the water table, sand table, and toy kitchens.
 The kids loved the bunny and learned to pick clover from the grass to feed to him.  We also worked on climbing and played in the playhouse.  We had a fantastic time singing and playing together!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Rain, Mud, and Worms

What an amazing day of tot school!  I love doing the Rain, Rainbows, Mud and Worms theme!  Today we went light on the mud aspect and only played with sand in the sandbox. 
 We colored, "swam", and found tons of worms!  Thanks for sharing your spring with me!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tot School Friends May 2

We had such a blast in tot school today.  Our theme was Tot School Friends and was perfect for our group of kids.  We were able to pull out all the toys that the kids love the most.  We had tossing games and vehicles and even some toy power screw drivers that really captured everyone's interest.  Due to the rain today we were only outside for about 15 minutes.
We loved art today.  Art with toddlers is a crazy mess of fast transitions and clean ups. I started with shaving cream art. I have found that this activity is the bee's knees for some kids and complete torture for other kids.  Today was no different :)
We also did chalk drawing art.
And painting art.
And then squished a bunch of play dough.
It was an awesome day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tot School - Pets 4/25

What a great day of tot school!  There were so many happy faces and giggles.  All the kids are starting to play independent of me, which is fantastic!  Our theme today was about pets.  We read "The Big Red Barn" a handful of times and played with a bunch of hand puppets.  We also played with the toy kitchen and Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots was brought down as well. :)
 With Mother's Day just a few weeks away we may have started a fun gift today.  It's awesome to be in such a good groove as a whole class that I can work one-on-one with each child doing something as messy as hand print painting without the rest of the room falling apart.
 Outside we visited the pet bunny and then pretended to be the pet animals in the outdoor run that the bunny uses from time to time. We had a super fun day together!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tot School - Zoo Animals

The last few days we've had some crazy wind in Denver.  This crazy wind took out two fence posts in my backyard.  I couldn't get them fixed before tot school today so we needed to stay inside for the day.  We did a slight swap of tot school themes and ended up doing Zoo Animals today.  I LOVE doing zoo animals.  We have some fun blow up zoo animals and some finger puppets.  We have puzzles and books galore.  It was so much fun!  
We made a zoo out of Lego Duplos, read "Goodnight, Gorilla" about a zillion times, and pretended to be animals ourselves.  I made some tear-free bubbles and put the bubble blower up high.  I LOVED the bubble solution, but it's residue was crazy.  Homemade tear free bubbles: 3/4 c water, 1/4 c tear free baby wash, 3 TBSP corn syrup.  The bubbles work amazingly well and there wasn't a single incident where it got in eyes and made anyone upset.  It did, however, leave an interesting sticky residue on hair, toys, and the carpet.  I'll definitely use it again, but outside for sure.  Those of you that have kids that played here today you may find this crazy residue on their little clothes and in their hair.  It should wash out easy peasy. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tot School - Fruits and Vegetables

Tot school this morning was so much fun!  We're really starting to get into the groove with this group of kids.  We really get rumbling and tumbling into all the good stuff as kids start to adjust to our group.  Truth be told - having a group of toddlers usually means there are kids who cry at drop off for a while.  The good news is that they hardly cry for very long. When there are so many awesome activities ready to dive into the fun starts right away.  Today we talked all about fruits and vegetables.  We talked about all the colors of all the fruits and vegetables.  We sorted them by color and explored their different textures.  Even if they didn't eat it (or want it) for snack time they all got a variety of fruits and vegetables on their plate.  My goal with kids is to give them the opportunity to see, touch, smell, and possibly even taste a bunch of different fruits and vegetables.  Then when they don't get eaten, they become wonderful paint brushes!
 We used broccoli for our paint brushes today, along with green paint.  The weather was so lovely we were able to play outside with all the different food toys.  We also pulled out the bubbles just for fun.  I read one of my favorite books "Tops and Bottoms" to a transitioning group of kids.  In tot school we often don't make it through a book.  I start to read to interested kids, they wander away and other kids come to listen, and when they all wander far enough to not hear I put the book down in a spot where they can come back to it and hopefully they do at some point. 
I was really happy with how today went in tot school.  Today was week 6 of 10 in this session and everyone is melding so well together.  I'm excited for what our future together holds!