Thursday, October 11, 2012

Preschool B October 8th

 We've been working hard in preschool B!  We've learned so much about reading this year and it is fun to explore all our knew knowledge. We decided to start our day with writing.
 We added to our sight word caterpillar and wrote as many words as we could think of.
 I introduced Making Words with preschool B this week.  The word family that we started focusing on was the -it family.  Kids had the letter tiles -it on the top of their boards (they called them their computers) and the rest of the consonants were down below.  They were encouraged to add a letter to the beginning of the -it family to make a new word.  Then they wrote the word with our magic magnetic wand and boards.
 Last, they wrote the word on a word list on their dry erase boards.
 We read a few books about Halloween as we talked about the month of October and what is coming up in our lives.
 As a math review of comparing and classifying we worked on the math pages in the Halloween Preschool Pack.
 The first pages were really easy about big and little synonyms.
 The next few pages we had to look for the item in each row that didn't belong.  These pages started out easy.
 And then they got really tricky with objects that were grouped together by a category instead of identical images.
 For art today I suggested making oil and water sensory bottles and they loved the idea so we got right to work.
 They turned out awesome!
 Everyone picked their own objects to put into the bottle and the color of food coloring and glitter to add.
 Each one was different, but very interesting!
 We've been having so much fun and learning so much that we have been running out of time each day.  It has been quite common that music is slated last on the agenda so we get to play the piano while we wait for parents to come for pick-up. 

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