Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Preschool B - Monday 10/29

Preschool B strayed from it's regular route today.  We had a few Halloween activities around the room and we focused on a key reading strategies lesson and finishing our math unit.
 We sifted erasers out of rice and dressed up in costumes.

 A reading strategy is a plan for what to do if you get to a word you don't know in a book.  There are a few different strategy charts out there and each Preschool B child got a bookmark of the following in their reading bag to reference.  I'd encourage parents to utilize it when their child is reading to them.  If they don't know a word ask them, "What strategy are you going to use to figure it out?"  Pull out the bookmark and have them figure out what they're going to do instead of doing it for them.
 One of the strategies that I really like from the set below that isn't included in the set above is "Point at the word your voice is saying".  Don't forget to encourage that at home!

 Vegetables and hummus, yummy!

 We finished our math unit today and you should have seen their wrap up page of concepts in their backpacks with a big star on the top - they all did great!  We're going to review 2D shapes in November and have a lot of fun talking about their different attributes next.

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