Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday - Preschool B

Preschool B is so much fun to teach.  We spent the first part of the day (about 15 minutes) exploring the games on .  If you have an older preschooler or kindergartner that you want to explore literacy concepts with I'd highly suggest getting a membership.  It's $35 for a year for a family.  Since we run the games on the SMART Board the kids can manipulate the images with their fingers.  iPad's can't run the site since it's built in Flash, but other tablets and computers can run the site, you just may have to help your child learn to manipulate the mouse.

After learning about the games as a group I was able to move into our individual reading time one-on-one with kids while the other two continued playing games that work on the concept of blending letters, exactly what I want them to be playing.
I love being able to do reading one-on-one.  The kids are having fun and improving their reading daily.
The kids had decided that art should come next and markers and crayons were the tools of choice.
For snack time today we made pancakes.  We discovered quite a few things while we made pancakes.  The first thing we learned was that eggs are slippery. :)

When mixing a thick substance it's always great to have extra hands there to hold the bowl.
Yummy pancakes!
For math today we started working on patterns.  We made so many patterns!  Kids were introduced to and then made their own versions of the following patterns: AB, ABB, AAB, AABB.  If you have things at home that need to be patterned just ask your preschooler!
I saw the sight word feet during math and realized I didn't get a picture of this game when we were playing it earlier.  To practice our sight words these feet were placed in a path around the room and before you could step on one you had to say the word that was written on it.  Everyone really enjoyed this game.
Some of the patterns we made:
CJ was being a pill and wouldn't look at the camera, but you can see his excitement about his pattern from this side shot that I managed to capture.
We had oodles of fun in Preschool B and I look forward to Wednesday.  We'll continue our review of blending letters, sight words, patterns, and graphs.  We'll also talk specifically about a few letter sounds that we are all struggling to remember.  Next week we'll jump back into Ready2Read Unit 3 with new sight words and word families, look for a calendar coming soon!

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