Monday, October 1, 2012

Asking for Needs and Wants - Preschool B

Preschool B today focused on asking for needs and wants.  We talked about what a question is (they were quick to identify the question mark) and then we brainstormed questions.  Once we had a few questions written down we started talking about different needs and wants and the types of questions we should ask to get those needs and wants taken care of. Throughout the rest of the day there were great questions being asked left and right!
 Reading was the first thing we decided to do.  I decided that we needed to make this week a review week of the word families and sight words we've been working on.  I'm hoping to strengthen our little readers through games that focus on sounding out words with more accuracy and fluency.

 We sorted some different word families as well.
 Each preschooler got a witch finger to help them track the words of the books they're reading. Encourage them to use it at home!
 Writing today was awesome.  It was the second day where the kids really got the idea of thinking about a story and drawing a picture to match the words they wanted to write.  We then worked together to sound out different words.  We continue talking about the formation of letters and how to use the writing lines to help form the letters in consistent sizes.
 As we're learning a little about pitch this month we decided to dive into music time with the hand bells. They were a hit!
 Today for art I steered away from glitter (which they love and always ask for) and they decided that just crayons would be perfect.  Both CF and RS started working on art pieces that are going to take a few more days to finish.
 CJ and EMan mostly just enjoyed eating cookies :)

 We continued playing with the attribute blocks, sorting them into sets of 4, 3 having the same attribute and the 4th not matching.  It's still a bit tricky, but everyone is more consistently making sets according to those rules.

 We built creatures while we waited for moms to show up.  We had a great day of learning and I look forward to seeing these kids again on Wednesday!
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