Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thoughts from a Little Adventures Mom

When my daughter was 6 months old, I joined Ms. Amanda's Little Adventurer's Group. I started using her tot packs at the beginning of this past summer (2012). I was extremely impressed on how the materials engage both the parent and the child. My daughter loves our educational time using the tot packs and they are useful for teaching concepts and ideas. At 18 month old, our pediatrician suggested that we get developmental testing because our daughter could use over 200 American Sign Language signs but was barely babbling and could speak less than 5 words. When I took my daughter in for her testing the team of experts said that they were surprised that Alexxa knew preschool, kindergarten, and even some 1st grade level concepts. I believe that these skills were developed by practicing the tot/preschool packs with the suggested activities at the front of each pack. I was never a school teacher or trained in education but the use of these materials have taught me to be a better parent and interact with my child with age appropriate activities. Although the packs take time to put together, the benefits of each pack is remarkable. I am continuously surprised when my daughter demonstrates the ideas presented in the packs in other areas of life. Ms. Amanda is extremely creative and designs easy to use materials that are fun, interactive, and educational. I would suggest these tot packs to families with young children because they make learning fun for both the child and the parent. Thank you Ms. Amanda for teaching me to be a better parent, educator, and an active participant in my child's learning. I appreciate your creativity and the materials you have made available to download. Thanks, Katrina

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