Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Safety - Wednesday Preschool

Preschool talked about safety today.  When all the kids were arriving we were playing with our road signs, the Melissa and Doug block sound puzzle, and a seat belt belt.

 Every child received a new book, "Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill".  We read it all together.
 After reading the kids became detectives with magnifying glasses and highlighter tape.  They found all the letters we've been studying and the sight word "the".

 Art today consisted of tracing the letter 'S' in rice and cutting out Fall pictures from an October Oriental Trading magazine.

 After art we were ready for a special visitor.  Just like in tot school, we were visited by some friendly puppets.  A fireman and some kid puppets.
 These were some happy kids!
 We took our puppets downstairs and learned how to play Eeny Meeny Miney Moe.  I'm pretty sure the whole concept went way over EVERYONE's head :) That's okay - it was mostly about the rhyming anyway.

 Through October we'll be talking about classifying objects.  We've started working on some basic describing words like long and short.
 Our arms can show how super long things can be.
 We've also talked about tall and short - see how tall we can be?
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