Monday, January 21, 2013

Worm Weaving

I'm currently working on the Rain, Rainbows, Mud and Worms Tot Pack for April.  I'm just so excited about it that I have to share this cute weaving page.  This also serves as a visual tutorial so when you get the pack you can figure out how to put it together and play with it.

There are two pages for this printable that you want to glue together first (glue the top and left hand sides of the pages together).  Then laminate them.  Cut the bottom and right hand side of lamination completely off.  Then cut each page individually on the printed lines (easier said than done).

 To play the weaving worms game simply thread the dirt over and under all of the worms starting at the left hand side.
 Do the opposite pattern with the next column of dirt.
A finished Worm Weaving page: 
This is so much fun that EMan and CJ are both getting a kick out of it!

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