Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Preschool - Manners

We continued to learn about manners through studying the letter "N" who happens to be a naughty newt.  They were still enthralled with the "No, David" series of books during our reading time.
 We watched the book "Fair Bears" to talk about what is fair and how we should be treating people.
 We tried flip chips today to practice patterning and I think we're starting to get it!  Please continue working daily on AB patterns with your child.
We played the board game to practice our letters and letter sounds while using our manners in taking turns.
 At the end of the day we pulled out all the dishes and dolls for some exploratory play.
 Afternoon preschool has been reviewing short vowel sounds while learning new letter rules.  Today we learned the sound that /sh/ makes.  Sh is considered a digraph: two letters that make a single sound when they're together.
 Matching /sh/ words.
 Practicing our numerals.

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