Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday Preschool - Manners

Monday preschool started with the unifix cubes.  We're still working on ABAB patterns and I'd encourage you to work on patterning with your child every day.  There seems to be a clear split in the class, either they understand the concept and are able to reproduce the pattern or they have not grasped the concept at all and build at random. It is okay for them to be in either stage, we're working towards understanding what a pattern is by the end of January.  For kids that are ready for harder patterns we'll be introducing AAB and ABB patterns in the next few weeks. 
 We learned that N the naughty newt (Amazing Action Alphabet) is in trouble for painting with finger nail polish on the wall.  We practice our polish painting on paper.

 We've really been focused on making the sound of the letter we see in order to read words.  If your child is struggling with letters please focus on the sound the letter makes at home, they can learn the letter name later :)
 The independent reading groups were very happy to explore the "No, David!" series of books.
 We started to follow a pattern on the piano today.  I showed them how to play the 2 black notes at the same time (2x in a row) followed by the adjacent set of 3 black notes at the same time (2x in a row).  This will lead to them mimicking sound patterns and playing simple patterns of notes.

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