Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Tot Packs

Find the year long theme calendar {here} and follow along with us! This post gives details and pictures of all 5 January Toddler Packs. Be sure to scroll down to see all of them. 

Tot Packs 20-24

Tot packs are about 20 pages in length. They each have 2 pages of activity ideas, book suggestions, and links to the materials I use. You can certainly use all or part of the lesson plans.  The printable pages include songs, matching games, drawing games and other activities. Tot packs are designed to be a first introduction to math concepts, letters, shapes and colors. They are not meant to obtain mastery in any subject. Let them be a guide for educational play between you and your child.

{Download all 5 January Tot Packs}

20. Snowmen {Download}
 Printables in this pack:
Snowman Letter Review
Graphing Snowmen
Snowman Bowling
Build a Snowman
 Snowman Grid Game
Snowman Short Path Game

21. Moms {Download}
(Pictures Coming Soon)
Printables in this pack:
Writing the word “Mom”
Sorting Moms and Dads
Everyday Chores - Graphing Moms
Letter O
Shadow Matching Moms
Every Day Puzzles
Flowers for Mom

22. Manners II {Download}
Printables in this Pack:
Kid AB Patterns
Pre-Reading Book

Letter N
Shape Matching
Manners Songs

23. Nursery Rhymes {Download}

Printables in this Pack:
Size Sequencing
Hickory Dickory Dock - Interactive Clock
The Missing Sheep

Letter Review (M T A S B H C I L P F J O N)
This Little Piggy Sequencing

Baa, Baa Purple Sheep

Nursery Rhymes
4 and 20 Blackbirds Baked in a Pie
Musical Hearts

24. Dancing Dinosaurs {Download}
Printables in this Pack:
Dinosaur Colors Pre-Reading Book

 Letter D
3 Piece Dinosaur Puzzles
 Hop Along the Dino Path
 Dinosaur Size Sequencing
Dinosaur Patterns

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