Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tot School Thursday - Snowmen

Today we had tot school Thursday and enjoyed everything snowmen related.  We played with the "Make A Snowman" app from on the SmartBoard as well as the iPad.
 We also read lots of books about snow and snowmen.
 During the winter months we bring in the slide and large motor blocks to play out some of our extra energy.
 Reading "The Snowy Day".

 Snack time of bananas and green peppers.  We're still working on snack time skills every day in class.  We use open cups and silverware.  Sometimes it gets a little bit messy and today we had a few kids all wet from water spills.  I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can do some real water play and master these open cups!
 Art was a lot of fun.  We mixed equal parts of shaving cream and glue and then painted with it onto blue paper.  They are our little works of snowstorms!
 I was actually surprised that EVERYONE wanted in on this project.  Quite often a few of the boys find something more interesting to do when we pull out the art supplies but not today!
 A game of pretending to be airplanes broke out as kids started finishing their art projects.  They were running back and forth and giggling like crazy.
 Is it everyone, or just my toddlers that LOVE baby wipes to wipe hands and the table and clean everything?

 We also made toilet paper roll snowmen by covering them with white paper and coloring on them.  You can also use colored paper to give them hats and scarves, but we ran out of time.  To find the Snowman tot pack head here.
 LilManD discovered that his snowman made a great "Shoot" for crayons to fall through :)
 EMan helped us learn "Once There was a Snowman", here he is "Tall, tall, tall!"
 Then he melted in the sun and became, "Small, small, small."  Find the music for the song here.

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