Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Preschool - Moms

I don't often show pictures of us working on our name cards because I feel I need to protect the kids by blocking out their names and that's more work than I want to do every week. We do, however, do this activity often and it is very obvious how many families encourage their child to do their name tracing at home.  PLEASE do it weekly at a minimum and daily if you can.  Being able to write their own name is a goal for the end of preschool and I need your help at home to make it happen.
 We had a little "Listen and Move" break right away since we were a bit antsy.
 We learned how to spell mom and that good readers make the sounds of the letters they see written in words.  Each child got 3 circle stickers, each with one letter of the word "mom" on it.  We put the stickers on our fingers and tap our fingers to our thumbs.  When the letter is touched by our thumb our mouth has to make the sound that the letter represents. We say the sounds faster and faster until we know what the word says.
 Practicing our letter sounds.
 We took a little movement break and did a Sun Salutation (Yoga - Track 1 on Dance for the Sun).  I love this track because the lyrics sing the movement you should be doing, so with a very little yoga information you can be successful.
 Here are the boys working on reading their Letter O book about all the jobs moms do.
 We had our first lesson on patterns with some unifix cubes today.  Each child took home 20 blocks (theirs to keep at home) please help them make an AB pattern with their blocks EVERY DAY for the next 2 weeks.  You can also encourage them to make different designs and explore what they can do with the blocks.
 We ended the day working on the 2, 3, 2, 3 pattern of black keys on the piano.  We play the black keys all the way up the keyboard saying the number of keys we're playing.
 Preschool B is working on short vowels for the next few weeks.  Our focus for today was short e.
 We also spent a lot of time reading from our encyclopedias and finding all the vowels in every word.

 Coloring all of the vowels.
 We were reading about light and the different colors we can see with light in one of the encyclopedias and the kids decided that they wanted to paint and mix the paint to make new colors for art time.  So we did.
 We played with the Touch Math 3D Numerals for the first time today as we tried to match up the correct number of dots onto each numeral.

 I have to say that I've been quite leery of paint and messy projects lately since my house has been so clean (due to an awesome barter with an awesome mom).  Perhaps EMan is the true culprit in my leeriness since he had to have a mini bath in the kitchen sink before we could move onto math in preschool B...

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