Friday, January 25, 2013

Nursery Rhymes - Tot School Thursday

We love tot school on Thursday.  Were so active with more boys than our Tuesday class. 
 We loved playing the Baa, Baa Purple Sheep game from the Nursery Rhymes tot pack.
 CJ has been working on some "homework" in the office during parts of tot school.  This is mostly for my sanity since we have a small space inside to play and it can get wild.

 We played "This Little Piggy" using our fingers instead of toes since we were all wearing shoes.  They thought it was funny that the last little piggy tickled them.
 We played a game based off of Little Bo Peep and hid little sheep all around the room and then had to search all over to find them.
Playing with the ink pads for art time.
Making the sheep from our nursery rhymes.  Today we used batting in stead of cotton balls.  Mostly because I was out of cotton balls, but it turns out that I liked it much better.  We ripped it into pieces and made our sheep very fuzzy.

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