Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tot School Thursday - Moms

Tot School today started off with a bang - banging pots and pans.  It is quite often my own children who dive into the craziness immediately upon having their friends come over :) 
 I've started leaving the Fridge Phonics set up on the magnetic board and it's gotten a lot of play over the last few weeks.
 We spent the day playing with the Moms Tot Pack sorting moms and dads (that was their favorite page to play over and over again) and playing with the peg board.
 LilGalP wanted to read books all day long, so we read quite a few over and over again.
 Coloring pictures for our moms.
 Reading the picture dictionary.

 LilGalB was working her hardest with the tweezers from the kitchen set to pick the child safety lock to my computer room.  It was so cute!  She was all the way across the room so I had to super zoom in, hence the poor photo quality.
 We made pipe cleaner flowers for our moms, too.  Each child picked out their favorite color.  We took 4 of that color and bent them in half.  Then we took a green and bent it in half over the crease in the first 4.  We spun the green around itself to make a stem.  Then we twirled the colored pieces (8) on top.  They're super cute and were fun to play with. They even went around "smelling" their flowers and their friends flowers.

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