Friday, January 25, 2013

Wednesday Preschool

Wednesday preschool was a review day for letters and patterns.  It was such a nice day that we played outside for quite a bit. 
 It was fun to watch how they interacted with each other and reflect upon how much they've grown as friends throughout the year.

 Back inside we practiced our letters and reading books we've already been introduced to.
 I'm impressed with how well they're sounding out words and remembering to do what good readers do.
 Mid book these boys decided to make carpet snow angels :)
Practicing reading our beginning reader books.
 While we had small group reading time the group not working with me got to play on the app on the iPad.
 Preschool B worked on short U and reading "'ck" as a single sound.  We did some vowel sorting and next week we'll move on to the first introduction of vowel teams in a_e teams.  Wish us luck!
 PreB kids got their Starfall Reading Award for completing the first 5 books in the series. We practiced writing the titles of the books and using a finger to make an appropriate sized space between words.
 We had a bunch of pictures with differing medial vowel sounds.  The kids cut out the pictures and then organized them according to the vowel sound they heard in the middle of the word.
 ... and then had to sort them according to vowel sound. This is actually fairly tricky - notice CJ's head to the table frustration :P

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