Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Manners - Tot School Tuesday

I made a silly picture mistake and uploaded pictures from my camera and my iPod at the same time and my computer went bizerk and ordered them all crazy, so I apologize about the random order of the pictures in this post. 
 We read the story "No, David!" and let David know when he was making a sad choice by shaking our finger at him and saying "/n/, /n/, /n/" to practice the N sound.  Then we made "Yes, ___(child's name)___" books.  We practice saying the sounds in our names as we wrote it on every page and then children drew/scribbled pictures of themselves doing good things like helping people, playing outside, giving hugs, etc.  When you read your book with your child ask them what good things they are doing in each picture.
 I left the blocks out from preschool patterning and they became pretend ice cream that we learned how to pretend eat without actually putting it in our mouth.
 We sang the song, "Do as I'm Doing" while we jumped, clapped, twirled and stomped.
 Playing with the Manners II tot pack.
 We're playing a little bit with ABAB patterns and today we explored the idea with beads which also helped us work on our fine motor skills.
 N the newt was so naughty because he painted with finger nail polish on the wall.  We painted with finger nail polish on our papers!

 At one point I was being mobbed with kids who wanted to play our shape learning game.  We're working on learning 2D shapes through February and then we'll play with 3D shapes in March.

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