Monday, January 28, 2013

Dancing with Letter D - Monday Preschool

On Monday morning we learned about the letter D and dancing.  First we needed to read a few books about dancing.  Then we needed to pull out all the dance costumes and get busy dancing. 

 Tracing the letter D on our sandpaper letter cards.
 Reading the letter D book from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 Today we decided to do some water color painting and the pictures turned out beautifully!

 Making AB patterns with two colored counters.

 A little dance break...
 Making AB patterns with unifix cubes.

 Preschool B is off into a new adventure.  We're learning all about long vowels and digraphs (wh, ch, sh, th) for the next few months.  Monday was our first adventure with long A in a CVCe pattern.  We did really well in our trial runs sounding out the words and remembering that the e on the end kicks the a to say its name.

 The costumes were still out from the morning class and became a fun part of the afternoon as well.
 We really needed to bake something today since we learned that the word "Bake" has a long a in it.  The boys decided that cookies were the way to go!
 At the end of the day we played with home made silly putty.  I didn't actually make it, but it's about a 2 to 1 ratio of liquid glue and liquid starch.  It makes a very interesting texture that is super fun to play with.

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