Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tot School Thursday - Dr. Seuss

We had such a delightful time today in tot school.  Everything was Dr. Seuss related for Read Across America week coordinating with Dr. Seuss' birthday on Saturday.  We started the day painting a paper plate to become the brim of a Cat in the Hat hat. 
 I love that lil'galB was cleaning the table up as lil'manJ was painting it. That's a symbiotic relationship if I ever saw one.  They were both so happy to be doing the other a service :)

 We read A LOT of  Dr. Seuss books today.  I pulled out the special reading chairs that I use in preschool but hadn't used in tot school yet. We were reading "Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb" and finding our thumbs in this picture.
 Snack time of Green Eggs, G/F pretzels, and apple slices.

 More reading time!  We talked about the letter R today for reading and it was so cute hearing them practice making the sound.
 They loved coloring the Oobleck page as we "read" the story "Bartholomew and the Oobleck."

 Then we pulled out actual Oobleck.

 It was so sticky and fun!

 Lil'ManJ didn't want to play with the Oobleck but found a book and comfortable spot to read instead.

 Our paper plates were finally dry after a class trip to take turns using the potty at 11.  So we finished up our hats.  Cute kids!

It's always so much fun to have these little guys come play with me.  Thanks for sending them my way!

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