Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wheels - Wednesday Preschool

We had such a fun day in preschool today!  We started of by doing a right/left vehicle sort.  

 Then we headed downstairs for lots of play with wheels!

 We reviewed the letters we've already learned in preschool by listening to the music and following along.  Here we're dancing to D the dinosaur.

 I passed out reading fingers and we practiced reading some of our Amazing Action Alphabet books together.
 We painted with wheels and they turned out so cool.

 Don't you think these look awesome?  Great painting guys!

 We've been working on 2D shapes in math and took turns running and pointing to a shape drawn on the whiteboard.  It's amazing how these simple activities really motivate the kids.
After they had pointed to the shape I called out they got to pass their pointer sticks to a friend who was sitting quietly. 

 Go get it!
 Preschool B was also a lot of fun.  We played a few long vowel O games on and watched a short story about long O.

 Each child brought home a new picture word sort for long and short O words.  We were supposed to review what we'd already learned today, but I decided to push ahead since they really seem to be getting it.

 Reading "Robot and Mr. Mole".
 Today was a monumental day for counting in preschool B.  We've been playing a variety of number recognition games and sequencing numbers for a while.  Today we pulled out the 100 chart and had to put in 15 missing cards.  We started counting and when we got to an empty space we decided what number should go there and what the number would look like.

 They each got their own copy of a 100 chart and were instructed to color any matching numbers they found.  Today we focused on each column having a matching number in the ones place (though using the term "ones column" hasn't been introduced, we just talk about it as the number on the right side).
 Have your child explain to you what they colored and why.

 They really wanted to count to 100 two more times before snack time.

After snack we decided to do the same type of art that the morning class did - painting with wheels.

 They turned out just as cool as the ones from the morning.

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