Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day - Thursday Tot School

I love holiday weeks!  Even though they take a lot more work am I'm completely exhausted by the end they are so fun!  We started school with 4 cups of hot pink rice with toys galore inside and slotted spoons and cups for sifting, scooping and pouring. 
 We also had the (now sufficiently mixed) pink/purple play-dough out with heart cookie cutters.

 We made cute heart foam frames for our parents for Valentine's Day.  I took a picture of each child and included it in the frame.  They loved putting their foam hearts all over it. We missed LilManD today and hope he gets better soon, but enjoyed having VB join us for the morning.

 Remember those 4 cups of hot pink rice...
 We needed a mid day clean up :)  The kids were great at helping me pick up the toys that had fallen to the ground and I pulled out the vacuum to grab up the rice before we had snack.

 Yummy hummus with peppers and crackers.
 We really loved playing with stickers to decorate our Valentine bags.

 We also made these cute Love Bug crafts (each child picked out their own colors) and then the love bugs flew around and gave kisses and hugs.  The girls were so cute with them!

 We had a great Valentine's Day!

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  1. Thank you Ms Amanda for your creativity, effort, and the joy you bring to our children. You are a fantastic teacher, wonderful role model, and inspiration. I am so grateful for all the gifts you bring into my girls life. We love your tot packs and enjoy learning from them daily. As a family, we enjoy reading blog, seeing photographs, and gaining great ideas. Thank you:)