Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day - Tuesday Tot School

Valentine's Day is upon us!  On the green table today I had a pan of hot pink rice with oodles of Valentine toys for scooping and digging and exploring. 
 Everyone got right to work.

 We actually played with this sensory bin for a long time before anyone noticed anything else in the room.

 We started exploring other things throughout the room after a while.  We're working on learning our shapes and will play with this Shape-O ball for the rest of February.  Point out shapes at home with your children.
 There are also big taped shapes on the ground (the three we'll really focus on in tot school) and there was play-dough again.

 A new game VB has invented is called "Hide behind the chair with some toys" today the toy was rice and a shaker container :)
 Back at the sensory table...

 Snack time!  We had peppers and oranges for snack, yum!
 We colored and put stickers on our Valentine's bags.
 We also made some glue hearts with glitter.
 We worked really hard on the love bugs that we made.  Everyone had to pick their own colors and find the pieces they wanted.

 We also painted glue all over our paper and then put tissue paper squares on the glue.  It became a sticky mess in the end but was oodles of fun!

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