Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday Preschool - Vehicles

On Monday we played with vehicles and learned the letter R.  We raced race cars and vroomed around the room.

 We used toilet paper tubes to make our own race cars.

 We practiced our shared reading on the smart board with some past books and our new R book from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 Yummy snack time!
 After snack we had a guided drawing experience.  We talked about the different shapes that we could use to draw cars and boats and trucks.

 We've continued to work on "Hot Cross Buns" on the piano.  Some kids can play it all by themselves!

 We worked on recognizing a hexagon on our shapes board.  Here the boys are revving up their engines "RRRRRRR" and are ready to run to the shape I call out....
 Go, go, go!
 At the end of the day we raced our cars around our oval track.  ZR was in charge of the stop and go signs for the track.

 Everybody stop!
 Preschool B reviewed long O words and started talking about long U words.  When you say the letter name U the sounds you make are /y/ /oo/.  Most long vowel words just say their name, but long u only says the second part of its name /oo/ (think of the word "Tube").

 We've also been working really hard on our sight words for the month.  Most of them are words that can be sounded out.  This game board went home as homework to practice reading the words and placing them on top of their correct spots.
 These kids just love counting to 100!
 They got a new 100 chart and were asked to color all the sets of 1-9 (places where the #'s 1-9 are in a row or column).
 Art time was a combination of decorative hole punches, scissors, construction paper and glue.

 For snack we made a smoothie and had some pretzels.

 We're also working on reading paragraphs in our encyclopedias.  I'm hoping that by companion reading pages with them they'll be more prone to doing it on their own for fun.  Companion reading is where I read any words they can't and encourage them to read words that are in their current skill set.

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