Friday, February 8, 2013

Hearts - Thursday Tot School

I love tot school.  It is so much fun to have these kids come over to play and explore every week.  Thanks for sending them to me.  I apologize that this post took a while to get up.  I've been completely wiped out after school this week with Valentine's parties!
 Last week for Thursday Tot School we played with hearts. We laced hearts and played with play-dough and heart cookie cutters.

 Playing with the Hearts Tot Pack. These packs are intended to be used in order as they get harder throughout the year.  This heart matching has two hearts of each color, one with words and one without.  It's a little more of a challenge this way.

 We also practiced lacing/buttoning felt hearts on a large ribbon with a bead at the end.

 LilGalP was so cute wanting to sit on my lap.  We missed her last week.
 She was trying her hardest to jump with both feet off the ground and repeatedly landed on her bum.  She thought it was so funny!
 Dance party on the bench!

 Yummy snack time!

 Playing with the paper hearts.
 We're working on learning our shapes and got to play with these shape stamps and ink pads.

 We also made heart finger puppets with do-a-dot markers.

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