Monday, February 4, 2013

Giggles and Gumdrops - Monday Preschool

Today we learned about the letter G. I started by reading some books about giggles and we were all laughing right away.  We broke into reading groups and enjoyed some time rereading the books we read together and practicing our reading skills. Each child came home with a page of blends.  There are pictures with a consonant blend (like "gr") and the word printed below the picture (like "green").  We have been learning that good readers make the sounds of the letters they see.  Please help them to practice saying and reading the blended consonants. 

 Yummy snack time of yogurt and apples.

 We made a graph of our gumdrops after snack.  We lined them all up and colored underneath them so we could remember how many of each color we got.

 After we were done graphing our gumdrops we pulled out the toothpicks and got right to work building the best towers we could.

 We're diving into identifying, sorting and classifying 2D shapes today.  Can you guess the shape of the day?  That's right!  Circles!

 We used circle cereal to make circle shapes around pictures of circular foods.
 We learned that circles don't have straight sides, corners or angles.  They are round and curved.

 Yay!  It's February!  We practice counting every day and we even sing a day's of the week song.  Have they sung it to you yet?
 Afternoon preschool started with learning about long vowel e words.  We learned that you can have two e's together or an e and an a together to make the long e sound in words.
 Art today consisted of foam animal masks and a lot of glue.
 Sorting our long and short e words.  There are some words that contain phonics that I haven't taught the kids yet (such as knee with a silent k at the beginning).  When these words come up I tell them the word and ask them to identify if it has a long or short e in the word.  We also talked about short words like "me" "we" "she" and "he" having a long e sound at the end of the word even though it only contains one vowel.
 We've started playing a dragon sight word game to work on our sight words.  They love reading the dragon words!

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