Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hearts - Wednesday Preschool

We started preschool this morning playing the piano (we're working on "Hot Cross Buns") and playing the hopping game. 
 There are hearts on the floor in a path to the refrigerator where kids pick up a heart and go back to the beginning.  We hop along the hearts saying the number that we're standing on put our heart back on the fridge when we get there and pick a new one.  It's a great game to get them counting over and over.  The large motor hopping is exciting for them and they're learning number recognition at the same time!
 Then we headed downstairs and read the book "The Day it Rained Hearts."  It is a great introduction to the Valentine's season and we all worked on making a Valentine after the story.
 We cut and hole punched...
 ...and colored and glued...

 ... we traced and created wonderful Valentines.
Snack time was carrots and celery with two different types of dip (almond butter and salad dressing). 
 After snack we took advantage of the wonderful weather and had "recess" outside for a bit.

 One of the prominent games during our outside time was building a house for the "pet" (pretend) baby jaguar.
 Though we focused on the characteristics of hearts today we also talked about squares.
 We determined that you can't roll a square but you can work together to build a house from them.

 At the end of the day we played with the parachute and shape beanbags.

 We had to identify any beanbags that fell off the parachute before they could go back on and we could shake it again.
 I am so impressed with preschool b these days.  They are picking up on long vowels much easier than I had anticipated. We did a long and short "e" picture sort today.  It went home in their backpacks so you can play it again for homework.

 We have been playing "The Dragon Game" this week in school.  A new copy went home in backpacks for you to play at home as well.  It's a fun game for practicing sight words.
 We watched "When Two Vowels go Walking" from "Between the Lions".  I think the song is super cute and it got the point across that when two vowels are together in a word the first one is long and the second one doesn't say anything.
 We drew pictures of our favorite things to do and learn.
 We then wrote words to match our pictures.
 Playing the piano after snack time.

 We're still working on numeral recognition.  Some are working on 0-10 and some are working on 0-50.

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