Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hearts - Tot School Tuesday

Today was such a fun day in school.  We loved playing with the hearts theme.  When the day started we had heart button snakes out.  I sewed a felt heart to one end of a ribbon and tied the other end to a large bead.  I had cut about a zillion felt hearts with a small slit in the middle for them to be buttoned/laced onto the ribbon. 
 We also had play dough out with lots of heart shaped cookie cutters.

 We played way past the start of snack time with these two activities.  They were so engaged and I didn't even notice the time go by.
 Yummy snack of crackers and oranges.

 Next we pulled out shape stamps and the large stamp pads.  We made pictures in our journals.
 CJ continued working with the play-dough through snack time and later into the day.  I realize now that I haven't made play-dough in quite a while...

 Our next challenge was to make heart finger puppets.  I had a bunch of pre-cut paper hearts and pulled out the glitter glue for kids to decorate with.

 They turned out so cute!

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