Monday, March 4, 2013

Karate - Monday Preschool

Today we got to talk about Karate and the letter K.  We started upstairs tracing our names.  We're really improving on writing our names but I'd love to encourage you to have your child trace at home a minimum of once a week, daily would be optimal.

Next we did a shared reading of "Mouse Makes Words".  We talked about all the good things that readers do to figure out the words and did them together. 
We look at the letters with our eyes.
We point to the letters with our fingers.
Our mouth makes the sounds of the letters.
Our ear listen for what the word could be.
 Playing on, letter K.

 We broke into smaller reading groups to go over what we had done as a whole group with our books.

 We also worked on the letter K book about Doctor Kim who has a big job helping people.

 Letter K art from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 We've just finished learning our 2D shapes and today we got to jump into 3D shapes.  Today's shape was the sphere.  We played with all sorts of spheres to find out if they rolled (they do), if they bounce (they do), and if they stack (they don't).

 We're now starting to learn the patterns for Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano.  It's so much fun watching them explore.

 Afternoon preschool is spending the week reviewing all the long vowels we've learned so far.  They got new homework to make a smore.  When making words on the smore map please DON'T worry about correcting incorrect spellings.  If it sounds like a word when they sound it out with a long vowel sound, let it be.  For example: "Bote" instead of "Boat" is completely acceptable.  We've only focused on the silent "e" at the end and not vowel teams like "oa" yet.
 We played Starfall Speedway, which is a fantastic review game although it doesn't have any long vowel words.  We practiced our sight words and our digraphs (sh, ch, wh, th).
 Counting to 100.
 Coloring our favorite numbers on our 100 chart.
 We practiced reading some long vowel words.  I have some books on the way from our most recent book order that will be MUCH more engaging to our afternoon preschool kids, but these will have to do in the mean time.

 Art was full of crayons, scissors and glue.  We made some great cards, a haunted house, and a ladder!

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