Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weather - Wednesday Preschool

What a fun day to talk about weather.  The snow if finally melting and it's getting a little bit warmer outside.  I'm hoping that spring is finally here!
 We started the day coloring paper that would eventually become our own kites.
 Then we headed outside to try and fly our kites.  As it turns out, the snow wasn't quite melted enough so running in the grass area was rather difficult.  I hope everyone brings their kites Friday to our Field Trip Friday so we can see how they fly when we can really run.
 We headed downstairs to work on our reading activity.  I put a secret word up on the board and when you knew what it was you were supposed to act it out.  The secret word was "hop".  How fun!
 Remember the mud art we didn't get to do on Monday because of the cold and snow?  Well, insert that activity here:
 W the worm wiggled through some watery mud. (Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Page)
 Today we learned about quarters.  When I told them that a quarter was worth 25 cents the majority of the eyeballs in the classroom became the size of silver dollars - WOW! 25 cents!  It was so exciting to them that they got to keep their very own quarter!
 We've now finished "Mary had a Little Lamb" on the piano.  Even if your child hasn't mastered this song they are making great gains in learning the basics of playing the piano, the rhythms in music, and that music is fun.  Woot woot!
 Afternoon preschool started off with some playtime.  It was requested that we first play our card game (I can never remember the name of it...).  It involves quick thinking to match one of 4 attributes on the card that's on the top of one of the piles in the middle.
 We also practiced our sight words with "Zingo Sight Words".
 Writing time was focused on writing a list.  We talked about different types of lists that we could write: our favorite colors, people in our family, what to buy at the grocery store, etc.

 Art time was so much fun in tot school yesterday that we decided to repeat the activity with preschool B.  Mix glue and shaving cream for a fantastic sensory art time.
 Boy, what a mess!  It's so much fun, but super messy!

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