Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Animals in Spring - Tot School Tuesday

We had so much fun talking about the coming springtime on Tuesday.  We had a sensory bin of green rice (like the green that will be growing soon).  In the sensory bin there was also Easter grass, erasers with baby animals on them, and bunny rabbit toys. We scooped and dumped almost all day! 
 We also played with spring eggs trying to match tops and bottoms, colors and snap them together (quite difficult even for my 4 year old).
 It was great fun to pretend we were animals waking up from hibernation or returning from migrating south.
 Snapping together a ladybug egg.
 We did lots of reading about spring and baby animals.
 Our art today was stamping with pre-inked stamps of baby chicks and eggs.  The kids loved them!
 We also started talking a little bit about money.  They got to play with our large laminated coins.
 We learned a song called "Popcorn Popping".  Find the music here.
 We glued the popcorn on our apricot tree pictures and then they got to snack on them, but only after I took the glue away :).

 Pretending to be a tiger.
 Here comes mommy cat!

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