Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday Preschool - St. Patrick's Day

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is always so much fun.  Kids are really a fan of the large motor hopping game that's in the St. Patrick's Day preschool pack.  We play this game throughout the year.  It starts simply with just jumping from spot to spot until you get to the end.  Then we count each jump along the way.  Now, we're ready for something more difficult.   It's like a human sized board game.  We roll the dice and jump that many spaces and repeat until we get to the end.  Preschooler LOVE this!

Making shamrock hand prints.
We're still working very hard on learning what a good reader does.  (Look, Point, Say the Sounds, Listen to the Sounds) I have a word at the top of the board with a green light on the left hand side (to indicate the starting position) and a red light on the right hand side to indicate the ending position.  Then we practice sounding out the words.
We're learning about the piano right now and how to play a pattern on a piano.  There is a great webpage that has a piano that words wonderfully on the SmartBoard.

As we work on identifying 3D shapes we're exploring if they roll down a slide, bounce, or slide.
Putting together our own paper cylinders.

Working on some comparing and contrasting reading comprehension.

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