Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Animals in Spring - Preschool Wednesday

We had a lot of fun learning about animals in Spring today in preschool.  We've been working on puzzles all year long and are starting to get into bigger puzzles (24+ pieces).  Be sure to play with puzzles at home to foster critical thinking skills. 
 We also got to play with the spring eggs and try to match them and put them together (and of course take them apart!).
 The kitty and the tiger.
 Everyone got a copy of Mouse's First Spring.  We practiced reading it together as a group.  We worked on staying on the same page, pointing to the words, and saying the words that we already know how to read (or had memorized by the end of the story).
 The tiger and the lion.

 Art was seriously adventurous today...
 We each picked a flower color and were supposed to match the decorations of our flower to the color of the paper we picked.  Some of us got it, some just had fun making a collage.  At a minimum, we all had super fun.
 What happens when you give a bottle of glue to a 4 year old?  He decides to glue his hair and then needs to give himself a bath in the sink.  Silly boys :)
 Today we moved onto nickels.  They are silver colored and worth 5 cents.
 In afternoon preschool we continued with our Easter book.
 We sorted some pictures, worked on the short e sound and started learning about sentences.  Please start pointing out capitals at the beginning of a sentence (we colored them green to signal "go") and punctuation at the end of sentences (we colored them red to signal "stop").
 Then we drew a picture of our favorite part of the story.
 We had free art with all the supplies from the morning class, and once again...a large mess ensued.
 Thank goodness they were willing to clean it up in the end! :)

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