Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Patrick's Day - Tuesday Tot School

St. Patrick's Day!  Check out these awesome heart stamping shamrocks that we made.  What a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

We ate peppers cut sideways so they would look like shamrocks.  They were so cute on the plate.
Playing with the St. Patrick's Day tot pack.
We're exploring some 3D shapes and their differences.  EH was trying so hard to get the sphere to balance on top of the half sphere.  I feel like that's a lesson that can only be learned by trying it over and over again.
Here is our awesome St. Patrick's Day art activity.  We took clear contact paper, added a white paper frame, and then stuck pre-cut tissue paper all over the sticky side to make a stained glass window art project.
We also made these super cute bracelets from paper towel roll and some foam shamrock shapes from the dollar store.

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