Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trains - Monday Preschool

On Monday we got to talk about trains in preschool.  We had so much fun playing with the train tracks while everyone arrived. 
 We also had two boxes set up as train cars that we were coloring with markers.
 Everyone got a conductor hat (to keep) and a bandanna to wear for the day. Don't they look great?
 We've been working really hard at the basics of blending letters together to make sounds.  We've been playing the same game each day with different word families.
 This week is a review week so we practiced the letters that we've already learned.

Some of the preschool kids are ready for a slightly more challenging text so we started introducing Bob Books.

 Train art.  We used a picture of a train, colored it and cut it out.  Then we used parts of paper towel tubes to make them stand up and look like they had wheels.  They were fun to play with after we were done making them.
 We've started learning about coins.  On Monday we talked about pennies.  They are copper colored and worth 1 cent.

 The weather was still beautiful so we started preschool B in the backyard.  We had blankets and pillows and a couple of boxes of just right books for everyone to snuggle in and practice their reading.  (Oh, we had also set up the circus tent in case the wind was too chilly.)
We had book boxes out that they could choose from for reading.  It is helpful to let them start picking out what to read and practice identifying "just right" books that aren't too hard or too easy.
 Back inside we're continuing to work on counting to 100 by 1's and 10's.
 We started a book today about an Easter Egg Hunt.  We each drew and wrote about what we like about Spring/Easter time.
 "I like to find the Easter eggs."
 "I like to color the big eggs."
 "I like to find the Easter Egg."
 In our quest to count to 100 by 10's we've been playing with unifix cubes and images that represent sticks of ten. The goal of these cards is to organize them from smallest to largest.
What a great day of learning!

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