Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zoo Animals - Tot School Thursday

Yes, I love what I do.  But, honestly... how could you not love this?
 We finally got to play outside again today for Tot School.  I'm hoping we're outside every day for the rest of the school year, but I make no promises.  Mother nature can be mean in Colorado.

 We played with zoo animals and learned the letter z.  We had so much fun!

 5 little monkeys jumping on a bed!
 This picture makes me giggle :) He was eating grass and each time I asked him to stop he would respond that he was a grasshopper (I guess grasshoppers eat grass now).

 A little snack time fun with songs.
 What do you mean don't ride the animals?  They are the perfect size for these toddlers to "ride", so cute!

 CJ got to take pictures of us during our art project time.  We made different zoo animal hand prints and the turned out super adorably.

 Story time.

 Everyone was so happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine and exploring life.

 We'll keep working on using scissors with play dough for the rest of the year.  They love this activity.

 Building with the really big wood blocks.
 In case you haven't heard, next week is Mud and Worms week here at Little Adventures Preschool.  Here is a sneak peak of what you may expect to find....

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