Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vegetables - Monday Preschool

On Monday we got to study the letter V and talk all about Vegetables.  When kids arrived we had plenty of fruit and vegetable cards and kids could either match them to their written word or find matching pictures. 
 We are loving the green spots for group time.  They're just place mats, but they are a perfect size for fitting little bodies and are helpful in defining space for each person.

 EMan got to stay for preschool today since his sitter was unavailable and he did very well.  He's actually the same age now as CJ was when he started just less than 2 years ago.  He's ready to play and participate and I can't wait for him to join us in the fall.
 We enjoyed a variety of vegetables for snack time.
 Art turned out really cool.  We had left over broccoli and zucchini from snack and we used it to paint with (instead of paint brushes).

 Calendar time.
 As we continue to work on recognizing numerals we get to play fun games.  Today we played the "Race and touch the number game" :)
 Working on our numeral workbooks.  These have now been sent home.  Please use a wet erase marker or dry erase crayons on them to complete them every day.  Wipe them off and use them again.  Do this for the whole month of April to reinforce the numerals 0-9.
Utilizing the TouchMath texture cards to trace the number 3. 
 Afternoon preschool has been working on R-controlled vowels.

 We're also working on thinking about books as we read them.  We're doing a number of story maps for the books that the kids are reading and for books that I read aloud to them.  Writing down the information (who, what, where, when, why of the story) helps us visualize what we're thinking about when we read the story.  Keep asking your kids all those important questions about the books you are reading aloud to them.

 It was requested that we paint for art today, so we did...
 What an awesome day!

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