Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Preschool - Planting Seeds

Spring is in the air and we're planting seeds at Little Adventures Preschool! First, we started with ice cube trays and children's tweezers.  The goal was to sort all the beans into the tray according to type (color).
 We had a review of #1 and introduced #2.  These number packets will be coming home with kids next week.  Please use a wet erase marker or a dry erase crayon to complete the pages. This is the new homework and should be done a minimum of a few times a week, every day if possible.
 We did seed art today.  Each child got their own bottle of glue and was instructed to make a flower out of the seeds. They turned out very cute.
 We also planted our own seeds.  We started by poking holes in the bottom of egg cartons (so the water could drain).
 Then we filled up the holes with dirt.
 And added seeds. We planted 8 peas, 1 sunflower and 1 pumpkin.  Keep them warm and moist at home and plant them outside when they pop up.

 We're practicing writing the number 2 in the air.
 We've been learning Old MacDonald on the piano.  It's so fun to watch them pick up the patterns.

 Afternoon preschool started with sorting beans as well (who can pass on an awesome activity that is already out and ready to play with?).
We also practiced reading our level C DRA reading books.
 Since we've been working on fluency, we started recording our reading and listening to the recording.  They get a kick out of this, and if you have the availability to record at home please do.
 Our math challenge increased today.  I had the kids put the numbers in the calendar chart and they discovered that the calendar doesn't follow the same patterns as the 100 chart.
 Art today was a chalk exploration outside.  Yay for being able to be outside more often.

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