Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Tot School - Plants

We had so much fun learning about plants today.  We started with play-dough, some flowers on craft sticks (to be planted in the play-dough of course) and some scissors for trimming the play-dough "grass". 

 We spent some time talking about the different parts of plants that we eat.  We get to eat the roots, stems. leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds of different plants.

 We also sorted animals and plants.
 We've been playing with clothes pins, trying to pin them on pieces of paper, to help develop motor skills in our hands.
 Playing with the plants bulletin board.
 The girls were so proud of themselves when they pulled the cushion off the bench and climbed on top.  They were so cute!
 BK was SO excited about the horse in an "Amelia Bedelia" book that was sitting out from afternoon preschool on Wednesday. She flipped through the whole book looking for more horses.
 We learned all about X today. The sound for X is very tricky.  It starts with a /k/ sound and then has the /s/ sound, so X says /ks/.
 We talked about the different parts of a plant and then got to dissect some seeds.
 It seems that magnifying glasses make great goggles :)

 We made our flower pictures from pre-cut paper shapes.  Each child had their own glue stick and I went around helping them to glue the different pieces of the flower onto their paper.  They got to explore with putting the glue on the paper themselves and started understanding that the glue goes on one paper with the intent to stick another paper on top of it.

 What a fun day!

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