Monday, April 29, 2013

Mud and Worms - Monday Preschool

Preschool Mud and Worms Day!
 We started the day inside doing some reading about worms.  We learned about the different parts of a worm (did you know they have a tongue?) and we learned that they poop dirt (ewe!).  Those were the two most important things to the kids in this class :)
 We opened up our worm composting bin and everyone got a nice scoop of worms right onto a plate.  They could dig through it to find and hold the worms if they'd like, or they could just watch.

 Of course my boys dug right in since these are actually their "pets" :).
 We headed outside and it took a little convincing, but everyone eventually got dirty (even if only a bit)

 Afternoon preschool started with reading "Sheep in a Jeep".

 Then we reviewed some of the information we've been looking over for a few weeks about worms.
 We also got to explore the worm bin.

 When we headed outside everyone stayed out of the pools for quite a bit longer than I expected them too.

 And finally they decided to sit.
 Then Miss Amanda asked them why they were only sitting in the muddy water and not the actual mud.  They changed pools quickly.
 And the camouflaging began.

 CJ was a Mud Monster and walked around the backyard trying to scare everyone.

 A little mud art.

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