Sunday, April 7, 2013

Planting Seeds - Tot School Thursday

Tot school was so fun today!  We finally got to go outside for the whole day.  Yay for springtime!
 We played with the peg boards and got a chance to get reacquainted with the backyard activities.

 I just love how relaxing and how fun it was to enjoy the sunshine.  We were talking about planting seeds and had a lot of fun eating apples and exploring the seeds from the apples.
 Our sensory bin for the day was black beans (dirt) with play vegetables (to plant), gloves and shovels.
 I'm in love with this picture.  She was so proud of herself for getting her glove on.
 For art we explored liquid glue and beans/seeds.  It was the first time that toddlers have been given a bottle of glue to explore on their own.  Most of the time I put glue on things and have them move it around with a paintbrush.  We've moved on to learning how to actually squeeze it out of the bottle.

 We also planted peas today.  Just keep your tray of soil warm and moist and when the peas pop up in about a week plant them in the ground (or a pot). Putting them next to a piece of chain link fence (or something similar) will let them climb up the fence.

 Playing with the planting seeds tot pack.  Our focus was on the numeral 1 in math.  Be sure to point out numerals 1-5 in your daily activities this month.

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