Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tot School - Zoo Animals

We had such a blast in tot school today.  We had some of our regular Tuesday kids and a couple of kids that joined us from our Thursday class.  It was so fun to set up the classroom.  I have two each of 6 different zoo animals and I set them up in pairs around the classroom like it was a zoo.  They all wanted to ride on the blow up animals when they first arrived, but learned quickly that that wouldn't work :)
 Our animals were dancing and talking with each other.
 We also had all of the animal finger puppets out. It was interesting how kids sorted and played with them.  Some only wanted all of the same type of animal, others only wanted one of each animal.

 The animal masks weren't as big of a hit in tot school as they were in preschool yesterday, but they did get some use :)

 We sang 5 little monkeys over and over.  They thought it was so funny that I'd put 5 monkeys on my hand and then take one off each time one jumped off the bed.
 We also sang Leo the Lion with the lion puppets.

 We have been pulling out the play-dough and scissors every day for the last little bit and will most likely continue doing this activity every day since it is so great for their motor skill development.
 Art was fun and interesting.  We made 3 different hand print animals.  A zebra...
 A lion... and a peacock (I didn't get a picture of that - it was very messy by that point!)
 They loved reading the books about the zoo animals that I pulled out.  I think this one was their favorite ("Dear Zoo").

 We also read "Curious George goes to the Zoo", every child will get a copy of this book to keep, so if you didn't get one today it will go home the next time I see you.  Happy Reading!

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