Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Preschool - Trees

Monday was a great day learning all about trees, the letter X and the number 7!
 We spent a lot of time in the beginning of class working on puzzles. If your child struggles with 24 piece puzzles I'd encourage you to play them often at home.
 Cutting out our X art from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 Playing fun math games.  We have the Math Mat Challenge game where it says a number and you have to push down on the correct number before the timer runs out.
We also played a racing game.  Two children at a time were given a number to run and touch on the bulletin board.
 Afternoon preschool is continuing to work on representing numbers with base ten blocks.

 We've also finished all the books and are ready to move fully into leveled reading and decodable readers with specific phonics.  We spent some time journaling about whatever was on our minds.  Since these kids are so great with their alphabet it's expected that they always write a little bit about what they drew.

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